7 Ways to Reduce Your Stress in 7 Days

Implement one strategy every day for 7 days

What you receive:

  • Quiz...Is it Stress or is it Trauma;
  • You'll get crystal clear about what really stresses you;
  • You'll prioritize your stressors....be guided to resolve one at a time;
  • This eBook is designed not to overwhelm....17 Page pdf;
  • You'll learn easy to implement strategies...feel better each day;
  • You are set up to succeed...clear and easy to follow instructions.
  • Daily email for 7 days...the email will remind you of the action step for that day.
  • Each email will contain a short video...the video will have additional information to support you.
  • Facebook group...I will be in the group answering any questions that come up.


I'm Linda and I help women just like you reduce stress and recover from trauma.

Are you sick of feeling broken and having low self esteem?

Had enough of being addicted to food, shopping, alcohol, gambling or something else? 

Want to be rid of anxiety, panic, low mood or anger?

Often these symptoms indicate the presence of unresolved trauma. And usually the traumatic situation is so far in the past that we don't make a link from the symptom to the incident.

Another common thing is that we don't actually recognize the situation as traumatic; therefore it remains unresolved and continues to play out in our life.

You can reduce stress and recover from trauma. Something that many of my clients wouldn't have believed when we first started working together.

I have put together "7 Ways to Reduce Your Stress in 7 Days" for you to learn ways to relieve the symptoms of stress or trauma, begin to feel better and live with a little peace! Start to create sustainable change and healing in your life. 

May you be well and may you be happy.

Linda Conyard MGestTherapy

Holistic Trauma & Transgenerational Psychotherapist

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