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Hello, I'm Linda Conyard and I help women realize their full potential in their personal and business life. I help them make sustainable change.

I specialize in trauma recovery. You may be wondering how a trauma therapist could possibly help women in business. I will let you in on that little secret a little later on. Before I do I just want to let you know that I stand for empowering women.

"Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence."  Peter Levine. The awesome thing about this quote is that you can recover from trauma! The difficult thing is that most people don't know that they have unresolved trauma. What they do have are symptoms such as, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, mistrust, chronic pain and the list goes on.

Here's the deal, I believe that you won't achieve the changes you want to achieve by continuing to treat the symptoms. How long have you been taking medication or treatment for a symptom that you haven't seen any improvement in or worse yet, have had other symptoms added to the original symptom?

I also know that if you keep doing what you've always done you will get the same result you always get!  I want to make it clear, I am NOT saying stop any medication or treatment you are currently on. I do want to challenge you to take control of your well-being by putting yourself in the drivers seat. Work with your professionals. After all we are in your employ!

I have done the trauma therapy work myself (80 hours of personal counselling undertaken during my Masters) so I know what it takes to recover from trauma and I can help you to achieve the changes and relief you are searching for.

You don't have
to do this alone....
I didn't!

 How I will help you succeed!

Being chained in the story is depleting and exhausting. The way of being that you have at the moment has supported you and if you are reading this I imagine you know it doesn't support you anymore and you want to know what you can do to make sustainable change. It does take time to redo what has been done for so long. That's probably not what you wanted to hear and it's the truth.

In actual fact it takes commitment to and responsibility for your healing. I'm sure you have been working hard to find what you are looking for. It gets exhausting trying to figure out what we need to feel better. We get used to being told what we need to do for this and that and end up allowing someone else to be in charge of our health and well-being. Sometimes it is just too much to think and especially when we feel broken and in need of fixing, we look for someone to tell us how to stop this horrible feeling that happens to us. Often we just do what is suggested without really challenging it, especially if it comes from a professional.

I will encourage you to challenge me and not swallow whole anything I say and I will work to empower you with the understanding of what is happening to you and provide you with the tools to practice the way of being that you are seeking. You will finally be able to make sense of your behaviours and start to feel hope of healing.

Growing through your trauma does take some effort and what you put in pays off for you....and your family. .And you don't need to go it alone. I imagine that you have done it alone a lot. In fact, I believe it is impossible to heal from trauma by yourself. At least that has been my experience in my own trauma recovery. My clients also confirm this with their feedback to me. What I understand happens is that while I am in my experience of reaction, I can't see the trigger or cause. It took someone else (my own therapist) to help me to become aware of what was underneath my reactions.

So, after doing my own healing plus a lot of study and practice, I now sit with others and help them bring into their awareness what is not visible and help to  "Rediscover their spirit".

How a trauma therapist can help women in business

As business owners, whatever we carry that is unresolved will show up in our business. The other thing that can happen is that there may be a generational pattern that stops us from "Unleashing our Business Potential".

This is where I can help, by facilitating processes that will allow you to see where patterns and unresolved issues are showing up and what you can do to free yourself from them.

Who am I to help you?

I am fiercely committed to guiding women to achieve reduced symptoms of stress and trauma.....and facilitate their return to a balanced and connected state of mind/body/soul, so they can have the life/business of their dreams....and enjoy living a calm and peaceful life filled with the things they love.  I help them rediscover their spirit which often is lost in the trauma. I also help them to unleash their full potential in business.

I have 10 years of working with amazing clients with trauma symptoms such as life limiting illnesses, depression, addiction, eating issues, suicidality, insomnia, abusive relationships and the list goes on. Under my care these women (and some men) have been able to achieve remarkable success. 

My mission is to help women understand the trauma that has not been processed which has either manifested as a symptom such as those mentioned above or may be experienced as reactions to life situations. My commitment is to facilitate their growth through the trauma. 

My path to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist has been unfolding since early childhood where I spent most of that time living in fear. I have had my own journey supporting close family members with their cancer experience. My first encounter was in November 1988 when my second daughter was diagnosed with tumours on her retinas (Bilateral retinoblastoma) at the age of 6 months. Due to the disease and treatment my daughter became totally blind at the age of 3. I basically functioned on autopilot for many years and my life was again consumed by fear and trauma (which I didn't know as trauma at the time).

It was during my Gestalt studies that I began to understand the impact of trauma and how it had affected me. This gave me great insight and the path to healing was becoming clearer by the moment. Then my husband, diagnosed in December 2013 with squamous cell carcinoma in the lymph nodes of the neck. The difference this time was that I felt empowered by knowledge and skills that supported me to help my husband with his cancer. (Both daughter and husband are well). A comprehensive case study on the treatment I gave my husband complementary to his chosen treatment of radiotherapy was written and can be accessed under the resources tab.

I know what it is like to be in a minority group and having to fight to be heard. I called on my resilience and survived. Not only survived, I have thrived.

Now after being committed to my own trauma therapy and recovery I work to help others grow through their trauma.  I have experienced being stuck yet wanting to make long lasting changes to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and I have wanted to improve the health of my family. I have been consumed by the diagnosis of cancer in my baby and then my husband and sat in isolation while wrestling with surviving these life challenges. I have avoided connecting with the trauma and shock of hearing a diagnosis of cancer, AND I have experienced going from Diagnosis To Peace! These lived experiences along with the education that I have attained is what informs me when supporting you with your trauma or life challenge.

I am passionate about the service I provide and feel blessed to be able to do the work my heart desires.

I continually seek to expand my learning in areas that support trauma recovery and return to wholeness. I also continue to expand my learning in business mentoring and development.
Academic (Psychotherapy)
  •  Master Gestalt Therapy
  •  Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy
Trauma & Trans-generational Specific
  •  Family Constellation Facilitator
  •  Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) Facilitator
  •  Yoga Teacher (Trauma Sensitive)
  •  Telephone Counselling (Life Line)
  •  Suicide Intervention Skills Training (Life Line)
  •  Community Recovery Training - Psychological First Aid (Life Line)
Health & Wellbeing
  •  Cert IV Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
  •  Pranic Healing
  •  Chakra Balancing
  •  Clinical Aromatherapy (completing 2017)
  •  Diploma of Business Management
  •  Online product creation courses
  •  Online business building courses
  •  Online speaking courses
  •  Online webinar creation courses
End-of-life Care
  •  Family Support Volunteer in Palliative Care (Karuna Hospice Brisbane since 2007)
  •   Spiritual Care with the Dying (Level 1 & 2)
  •   Amici (Friend of the Dying) - Midwifing Death
  •  Oncology Massage
  •  Senior First Aid
  •  Working with Children Blue Card
Professional Member of

  • GANZ (Gestalt Australia & New Zealand Inc)
  •  PACFA (through GANZ membership)
  •  IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies)
  •  Ayurvedic Institute
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Rainbow Atma Clinic
48 Main St,
Samford Village Qld 4520 Australia

e: [email protected]

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