Welcome to Rainbow Atma
I help women discover their Authenticity, embrace their Inner Wisdom  and realise their Full Potential,
allowing them to experience Grace in their personal and business life!
Firstly I would like to offer you Gifts!
I invite you to choose either of the e-books below, depending on the reason you have connected with me. I imagine that you are here either because we have met somewhere and you already know the work I do or you are looking for someone to support you through a difficult time either in your personal or business life. I hope you enjoy which ever e-book you choose.
7 Ways to Reduce Your Stress in 7 Days
e-book designed not to overwhelm. Easy to follow daily activities.
3 Ways to Stop the #1 Business Killer
e-book for those who feel stuck in their business.
Signature Programmes
There are two main ways that we can work together. My signature programmes have been designed to enable you to gain the most from the time we spend with each other. I do have space for some one to one work but these spaces are limited.
Find that part of you that you thought was lost in your trauma or life experience - Rediscover Your Spirit!
The issues you face in your business aren't always what you think! Transform your business and free it from repeating patterns.
I help people make sustainable change in both their personal and business life.

I believe that many people are looking for change in the way their healing occurs. To do this we need to move away from the biological (physical) model which has a single focus of working on the part that is sick and embrace a mind/body/spirit/environment attitude toward healing. Your environment (field) is extremely important to consider when working from an holistic perspective, because if your environment doesn't support your desire to change then we need to look at ways to counteract this.

How healing is done is in transition! People are taking back the responsibility of their health and wellbeing which is the first step toward empowerment!

I will facilitate processes that give you the opportunity to unlock your healing potential.

My passion is transforming unresolved trauma and facilitating growth through trauma. The trauma can be any life event that was traumatic, PTSD, complex trauma, cancer or another life limiting illness that has consumed your life. AND trauma isn't always what you think it is. You can read my 3 part series on this in my blog here.

I specialise in working with trauma, stress reduction, grief and end of life support.

I imagine that recovery to some may be something you can't quite get your head around at the moment and that's ok. My clients are usually people who have suffered the symptoms of trauma for many years and do find it difficult to really trust they can recover. They have also often spent a long time trying to find ways to help themselves.

What is clear from working with many clients is that so many people live their lives with unresolved and more sadly unacknowledged trauma, often living their life in isolation. Often people seek an appointment because of the following reasons.

Mental health issues such as:

* suicidal ideation or attempt; * depression; * PTSD; * anxiety; * panic attacks; * eating disorders; and * addictions of all kinds.

Health issues such as:

* insomnia; *IBS ; * excess weight or loss of weight; * chronic fatigue / exhaustion; * cancer; *auto-immune disorders and * chronic illness of all kinds.

Emotional issues such as:

* overwhelm; * stress; * bullying; * domestic abuse; * feeling unhappy / unsatisfied; and *feeling blocked /stuck in life.

Spiritual issues such as: 

* feeling disconnected; * lack of life purpose; * aversion to previous faith; * searching for meaning; and * sense of feeling lost.

I view all of these as symptoms of trauma. Unattended grief or trauma can sit beneath these symptoms.

"Trauma survivors have symptoms instead of memories" (Harvey, M. 1990)

Sometimes we just need someone to listen!
My clients move out of isolation and into community.
Rainbow Atma
What I'd like you to know
about Rainbow Atma

      This business is based on Buddhist philosophy and I work with people of any faith or none. This is important because I am of the belief that Spirituality is an often overlooked, yet essentially important aspect to consider when working with people from an holistic perspective. That doesn't mean you have to have a belief or religion. The definition that I like to use for Spirituality is:

      "Spirituality is the aspect of humanity that refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose and the way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to the self, to others, to nature and to the significant or sacred" (International consensus conference - Puchalski, Vitillo, Hull & Reller, Vol 17, No. 6, 2014).

      Rainbow Atma offers a variety of workshops, programmes and retreats to support and encourage your change process. My role is to work myself out of a job! It's about walking with you until you validate and embody that strength and spirit within you that has supported you to survive. You have survived! Now it's time to thrive.

      Of course you are always welcome to stay as part of the Rainbow Atma community. 

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Rainbow Atma Clinic
48 Main St,
Samford Village Qld 4520 Australia

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If you are feeling suicidal, self harming or have a diagnosed psychological illness please seek support from your local service or crisis line.

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