Inner Work for Female 
Entrepreneurs Presentation
"Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs"
8 week Business Mentoring Programme
The most precious gift you give yourself, your business and your family!
Is this YOU? 
I have sat with many women business owners and this is what I hear them say often. Maybe this describes you as well.

They tell me that they feel reactionary in their business, always putting out fires and never really feeling like they are in flow. The money they desire from there business is not there. They are putting huge hours into their business only to  feel like they haven't really achieved anything.

They often feel isolated especially if they are the only person in the business. They feel burnt out and a bit disillusioned because how they visioned their business is not how it is turning out. Their business has become a burden, they aren't getting their ideal clients and it's a real slog. Feels a bit like walking through waist high's all a bit hard.

It feels like groundhog day and the same issues just keep coming. Their lack of self worth and self belief keeps dwindling. They feel blocked and don't know where to turn. This is when their health starts to become compromised. Their sleep becomes interrupted and is not rejuvenating, their stomach becomes irritable, their mind also begins to become unwell and may experience anxiety or depression.
More than likely you have:
Sought the best advice, yet still haven't been able to free yourself from habitual patterns and feel trapped in a never ending cycle - Groundhog Day!

Even with your deep desires, heartfelt intentions and awesome visions, you still find yourself unable to move forward into your passion. There may be fear (of failure or success), doubt, tons of beliefs that don't serve you and keep you from your dream business and life.

I'm sure you have tried and failed before. Maybe you have always believed you will never be ready or never be enough. Maybe you believe that money and heart centred work just don't go together.

At some level known there is more to your business life than what you are living now and you want your life to matter. You want the habits you see successful people doing. You want to be a success!


If any of this resonates with you.....I can help you.....I get it!

Most importantly, I can help you to change all of this in a sustainable way. That means I will show you how to avoid slipping back into the old patterns that keep you stuck in your current way of being. These patterns doesn't serve you or your business.

I demystify these patterns for you and you will have a deeper understanding of why you do what you do. You will gain profound insight and understanding that will allow you to free yourself and live the life you want.

Does that sound awesome?
Yes, this programme is transformational!
You can finally put the pieces together and
unleash your full potential.
I can help you put the puzzle together
To notice repeating patterns you need to look at your life situations from a different angle.

We as human beings seek out the familiar (this is an unconscious act usually). The key is to bring our unconscious way of being into our consciousness where we can see it. When we can see how we are and that we are operating in an old familiar pattern.....then we can do something about changing it.

Once you see it....You can't not see it!

Here's a personal example of what a repeating pattern may look like. I have been in business since 2006. My business has morphed many times due to the studies I have undertaken and based on the clients who were drawn to me. I've been studying since 2004 and have many qualifications. Over the years this endless study and therefore lack of time to commit fully to my business has helped support me to stay in my pattern of not stepping out fully to be seen. I was hiding in my business.

When I was able to see this and understand how this actually is a life theme developed from my childhood, I was able to do the inner work necessary to be able to free myself from this limitation. Even speaking in front of people is not the big deal it used to be for me.
Caroline says: "Linda Conyard has been the catalyst to a massive shift in my paradigms, both professionally and personally. I thought my corporate career was as finely tuned as I could hope for when I sought Linda’s help on a personal issue. A few months later my business life has changed intrinsically with huge freedom and sustainability. Her approach across all areas and levels has led to a profound change in my business success and results. This has occurred through becoming aware of my personal limitations and translating this through some excellent strategies from Linda to my work environment. Challenging but so incredibly simple! "
Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs
8 Week Business Mentoring Programme
Here's EXACTLY What You Get 
WhenYou're Accepted Into the Programme:
This programme is designed with enough space for you to implement what we cover in each of your one to one sessions. You will have to commit a couple of hours a week minimum to do your work. This is an intensive programme and you will be working hard to achieve the outcomes you are seeking.

One to One Sessions: We will continually evaluate the next step for your business. Uncovering and resolving the repeating patterns will be a recurring focus throughout the programme.

Zoom Mentoring Calls: are interactive Q & A which focus on problem solving, block removal and anything else that comes up throughout the programme. These video calls are designed to give everyone the opportunity to learn and grow. Don't underestimate the learning that can happen from hearing someone else work through an issue.

SOS Calls: are a quick one to one call with me which is available to you if you find yourself stuck throughout the programme and need a bit of extra support to keep moving. You can use these calls to support your forward momentum.

Email Support: in between sessions you can email for additional support or accountability.

Closed Facebook Group: is also a place where you can access support to help you stay motivated and moving forward.

This programme has loads of support for you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.


Your choice of 2 Online Master Classes

1.5 Hour VIP Follow Up Implementation Session

Cindy says: "Linda has a knack for getting straight to the heart of your issues that have been long outstanding.  Linda can help you identify the emotional issues blocking you in your business and work out a way forward."
Module 1
Understanding Your Business
  •  Orientation:  We connect with the programme and how it will look for you.
  •  Clarity: Together we get very clear about why you are in the business you are in.
  • Intention: We both set our intention for our time together over the next 7 weeks.
  • Big Picture: You share with me what your big bodacious vision is.
  •  Homework: You will receive your homework for the week.
Module 2
Shaping up your Offering
  •  Creativity:  We will get creative and think out of the box.
  •  Deeper: Gain a deeper view of what you offer into the world.
  • Flow: Explore if there is flow in what you are creating.
  • Authenticity: We will check if your offering comes from your head or heart.
  •  Homework: You will receive your homework for the week.
Module 3
Test the Market
  •  Offers:  This part is really fun. We do this awesome process that gives us amazing information about the offers you have.
  •  Market: The next step in the process is to see if the market wants what you are offering.
  • Purposeful: We also look at what feels most and least purposeful for you.
  • Digest: You will need to digest the new information you have received from this process and you'll be thinking of your business differently.
  •  Homework: You will receive your homework for the week.
Module 4
Your Perfect Work Week
  •  Create:  I know I said this was hard work BUT this is also fun. Creating your ideal work week.
  •  Separate: We look at your ideal work/life balance.
  •  Plan: It's going to be important that you plan how you will stick to your new ideal work week.
  • Time: Uncover your time stories and make sure they fit with your new reality.
  •  Homework: You will receive your homework for the week.
Module 5
Choose Your Business Model
  •  Decide:  This is also really fun. This is where you decide on your business model.
  •  Clarity: You gain an even deeper clarity from this process.
  •  Discard: You can even throw out some of the things you used to do because they just don't fit anymore.
  • Streamline: Create your plan for implementing your business model.
  •  Homework: You will receive your homework for the week.
Module 6
Money Money Money
  •  Be prepared:  This one usually brings people undone.
  •  Story: Everyone has a money story and it usually doesn't support you in your life.
  •  Re-write: We will re-write your money story to something that is more realistic and true for you now.
  •  Goal: We will set your money goal for your business and look at how you will do this.
  •  Homework: You will receive your homework for the week.
Module 7
  •  30 Days:  Create your intention for the next 30 days.
  •  60 Days: Create your intention for the next 60 days.
  •  90 Days:  Create your intention for the next 90 days.
  •  12 Months: Create a simple plan for your business over the next 12 months.
  •  Homework: You will receive your homework for the week.
Module 8
Implementing and Integrating
  •  Accountability:  We are going to set you up for success.
  •  Plan: We will formulate a plan for you to implement all the work you have done over the last 7 weeks.
  •  Support:  You will have access to the facebook group where you can access support to help you keep the momentum.
  •  Celebrate: We get to celebrate your amazing work and successes along the way.
  •  Homework: You will receive your homework for the week.
Bonus 1
Access to online Master Classes
  • Women & Planning Master Class: Create your vision board
  •  Women & Money Master Class: Re-write your money story
Bonus 2
Implementation Session
  • One 2 hour Implementation Session: after completion of the programme.
Bonus 3
Inner Work Circle
  • Membership: One month free membership to my Inner Work Circle.
For this programme to be successful for you!
You will need to be committed to building your business in a sustainable way - not just on a logical level. The more open you are to being part of a community of professionals willing to support each other in undertaking Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs, the more support and accountability you will experience.

Being generous and taking time to celebrate other's success as well as your own feeds collaboration rather than competition. This programme is not just about business systems and structures.

Be prepared for real transformation where your fear and doubt are welcomed, explored and given a place. Come with a beginners mind (open to hearing things you think you have already heard and finding the new learning for you).
What you'll gain from the programme:
  Save - Money, time and years of procrastination;
  Love your Business - Work doesn't feel like work;
  Be on purpose - Do the work you were meant to do;
  Business lineage - Integrate past business and work experiences;
  Success - Prepare for your success;
  Possibilities - Open up to what is available to you;
  Alignment - Align your purpose and success;
  Be authentic - Fully step into your power in business;
  Understanding - Understand what your business needs to flow;
  Connection - Drop the idea of competition and collaborate;
  Achieve - Realize the goals you are seeking;
  Confidence - Have your authentic voice in business;
  Abundance - There is enough for all of us, really feel that;
  Realize - Your tribe is waiting for just you;
  And So Much More...
What are the outcomes?
The outcomes I've noticed my clients experience are:

Clarity of purpose and direction in their business.
This clarity is nothing like they have experienced before. Opportunities they hadn't considered become available to them. Honestly, one client had so many texts on her phone after one session, she couldn't believe it. As she got clear about what she was offering in her business she started attracting the people she wanted to work with or was able to say no to those she now knew she didn't want to work with.

Ease and flow in their business.
My clients begin to really enjoy their business. Everything becomes so much easier when you know what to do and when. They begin to save so much time and energy. New and creative ideas come for their business because they are not involving themselves in things they don't like.

Increase in income.
If this isn't important to you then you should not be in business. You want your income to increase so you can continue to do what you do in the world. Money always comes up and so do the old money stories. We work to resolve these throughout the programme.

Have your ideal week. 
More time for the things they enjoy outside of their business. Lots of solo entrepreneurs don't have clear definitions around when they are working and and when it is down time. We get super clear with this and my gosh, don't my clients love this.

These are just some of the wonderful outcomes we have celebrated together.
Bring balance and transformation to all areas of your life!
The Application Process
Once your application is received, I will read through your responses. I'll contact you to make a time for us to talk through what you have written.

At the end of the call you will know how I can help you achieve your desired outcome and decide if this programme is what you need.

Graduating Master of Gestalt
What makes me different to other coaches
and mentors?
What I know is that I have done the hard yards myself.  My clients wont't be asked to do anything I haven't done. I continue to work on myself and my business which then enables me to be available more deeply with my clients.

While undertaking my Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy I did 80 hours of my own personal counselling over 4 years (yep, part of the course which was an additional cost to the degree fees). I don't know any other degree that has this requirement for the student to undertake such intensive counselling of their own. What this means for you is because I have done so much work on myself and I continue to do my Inner Work, that makes me more available to you.

I have been studying since 2004 and continue to study. My next plan of study is to undertake a PhD researching trauma.

I continually work on what in me is being carried by my business and what in my life is reflecting and blocking my flow in business.
  *I have been through stagnation periods,
  *I have hidden in my business;
  *I've made my business my sanctuary;
  *I've found it difficult to find my path in business;
  *I've found it challenging to accept and find my voice; and
  *I've lacked confidence.

Throughout the programme I will be sharing with you what I have studied and used to move through these places with a deeper understanding of my purpose and experiencing healing on many levels.

My clients are the best people to share what makes me different, you can click here to go to my testimonial page if you would like to hear in their words about their work with me.

You will find that I am not just about strategy and structure. I look for the repeating patterns from past generations which is often missed and not considered - these are often the core issues. I also work to connect the mind/body/spirit so that the flow can be experienced in all areas of your life. This is what makes this mentoring so holistic and transformational.
Dianne says: "Working with Linda gave me valuable insights into who I am in my new consulting business and what I bring with me from my previous businesses and roles. Linda encouraged me to look below the surface to see how I can tap into my passion for small businesses and use my unique magic to help my clients achieve the outcomes they seek. I feel a release, grounded, at peace and that there is hope. I knew it was going to be hard work and I was able to make the commitment to this deep work."
My Guarantee to You
I guarantee that you will get the results we agree on in our initial review of your business or your mentoring is free!

To qualify for this guarantee you must have engaged in the work, completed the homework and practiced implementing what  you have learned.

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm afraid of paying a lot of money & not getting results.

I can totally understand this question because it is a decent investment I am asking for the work we do together. What I can tell you is that I see my clients reaping the rewards of our work over and over again. I hear them telling me it was worth their money and time. I've even had some of them tell me it's too cheap for the amazing results they are feeling. It's best to hear what they think in their own words. My proof of results comes from my clients and you can check out some of the testimonials they have shared with me here.
Why do I have to apply to join the intensive.

As you can imagine, I am not the right fit for everyone who wants to do this work. My intention is that every person that I take into my programme is a good fit and really ready to do the work. I want to set you up for success. I may suggest you do some training prior to working together or there may be other steps that would support you to be successful in my programmes. We will be doing some intense work so it is absolutely so important that we click.
What does the programme cost ?

The investment for the programme will be discussed when your application is received and progressed to the interview level. One thing I know is that we can easily sabotage ourselves. I recognize this is part of the work we do together. Money is one of the best ways we can stop ourselves from achieving our greatness. Therefore I choose to speak about money with you in person, it's one our our first steps together in doing this Inner Work.
Are there any surprise costs after I have paid for the programme?

No additional costs. Everything I mention that is in the programme is covered by your investment.
What do you specifically do?

The uniqueness of my programme is that it is indivualised. This means that our work gives you the opportunity to dive deeply into the core of what is stopping you from achieving what you want. The structure of the programme is outlined on the website and I reserve the right to be fluid within that structure because you may need to address some unresolved issues that you are not aware of and are specific to your inner work. We will cover lots of common issues business owners have such as client numbers or sales, your vision, who you serve and why. We will be looking at them psycho-emotionally as well as intellectually. I use any of the modalities that I have studied to facilitate your change process depending on what is needed to activate you to move through any challenges or blockages. Best way to see if my style will work for you is to come and try it. You can book in for an Insight Session here. I guarantee that if you find we don't fit you don't pay for the session. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I want to make this as easy and risk free as possible for you.
What happens after I've done the programme?

Firstly we celebrate your successes. Then there is the opportunity for you to continue into my Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs Inner Circle membership programme. You will receive an invitation into this programme once you have completed the intensive.
This is not a standard program! It is personalised!

We meet in person, in real time and deal with real issues as they arise.

You will have skin in the game! You have real access to me - this is not on-line!

It asks for a firm commitment from you and from me. 

I am ready to give 100% to you and your business.

Are You Ready to Give 100% to yourself?
Frances says: "You can tell Linda really gets it, really understands the process and really knows her stuff. Yes she has done all the right training as well, yet it goes beyond that… she is someone that makes you feel safe to go there, to do your work, and supports you, no matter what. A rare quality. No words are sufficient here… Linda is a rare woman… willing and able… capable beyond measure… down to earth, practical, comforting, nurturing and more. If you are looking for someone to work with you, you have found her… and like me, you will be forever grateful for the time you spend together." 

Rowan says: "Linda's wisdom, clarity and patience has been so much a part of liberating me from past mindsets and patterns that kept playing out, and no longer served me. She is extremely insightful, with knowledge of the foundation principles of systemic work which I am now understanding in a more complete way. " 
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