Re-write your old money story!
Open the flow to abundance
Uncover Your Old Money Story and Re-write It .... Allowing Abundance To Flow
Location:  The comfort of your own home

Time:  A time that suits you

Date:  A date that suits your schedule

Cost:  $197

About the Women & Money Master Class
Do you know your financial ceiling!

This Master Class will go deeply into what figure you have subconsciously put on yourself. As women, do we really allow ourselves to imagine let alone say out loud what we truly want to achieve financially?

My experience says that most women don't give the time to sitting quietly and listening within to hear their true financial dreams.

It's time you started listening to your own inner wisdom, wouldn't you agree?

Here's What You'll Get:
* To explore what your old money story is and how it supports your financial ceiling you have been living with.
* To explore how your true financial desires may be clashing with either your own belief or societal norms and thinking.
* Discover if your financial aspirations are tied up with another's needs or wants.
* Uncover any generational patterns around money that don't need to be continued.
*  All worksheets for the processes we will do during the day.

Yes you will be working hard throughout the day. The gift at the end of the day will be a deeper understanding of how you limit yourself financially and what you can do about that.

This Master Class will also give you the opportunity to really find and own your authentic abundance desire!

Remember: doubts, excuses and wavering are just the ego's way of stopping you from 
creating your dreams!
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