The Hills Chamber of Commerce Women In Business Workshop. 
Group work - How to improve communication.
Presentation: Women & Planning 
Master Class
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Linda would love to speak to your organisation, community or group. She is passionate about her work and enjoys nothing more than witnessing participants learn from their own experience. She loves to share her knowledge in a way that people 'get it' and walk away feeling like they have gained some insight and a new way of looking at old issues. Linda's relaxed style makes people feel comfortable and at ease.

Presentation Topics
Linda's presentations are based on the following topics:

'Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs'
'Trauma and Trauma Informed Practice & Care'
'Finding your New Normal'
'Systemic Repeating Patterns'

Please feel free to apply and discuss your request with Linda.
Who's Asked Me To Speak
  •  The Hills Chamber of Commerce - Topic: 'Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs'
  • Mental Health Professionals Network: Topic: 'An Exploration into Healing Trauma'
  •  Samford Chamber of Commerce - Topic: 'Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs'
  •   Karuna Hospice - Topic: 'Self Care when looking after the Dying'
  •  The Relaxation Centre of Queensland - Topic: 'From Diagnosis to Peace: Be empowered through your medical treatment'
  •  Redcliffe Hive lunchtime clinics - Topics include:
  •      'Trauma is part of living'
  •      'How do we know when Trauma is a problem'
  •      'A Conversation on Death & Dying: How prepared are you?'
  •      'Family Constellations: Healing Generation Pain' and
  •      'You are the Healing Process'
  •  Dayboro Day - Topic - 'Holistic approach to cancer: From Diagnosis to Peace'
  •  Big Day Out for Small Business in Samford- Topic- 'Exploring Holistic Resilience: Use your inner wisdom to increase your resilience when meeting challenges'
  •  Womenspace - Topic - 'Limiting Beliefs'
  •  Samford Chamber of Commerce - Topic - 'Unleash your business potential: Honour the lineage of your business'
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Rainbow Atma Clinic
48 Main St,
Samford Village Qld 4520 Australia

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If you are feeling suicidal, self harming or have a diagnosed psychological illness please seek support from your local service or crisis line.
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