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Testimonial: Where to begin. When I met Linda I was barely functioning due to anxiety. I was an international Master's student in Australia. The fear and anxiety came on suddenly and unexpectedly for me and I just collapsed. Anxiety was so debilitating that I was in a constant state of panic. I couldn't get out of bed, but at the same time I didn't want to be awake and face life. I was so ashamed of this, and not having a "legitimate" reason for feeling the way I did, that I wished I could just get hit by a bus and be in the hospital so I had a legitimate reason not to continue. It was so hard. Fortunately I met Linda. So grateful to my cousin for her help while I was in crisis and connecting me with Linda. I had other supports in my life, good friends back home, and my amazing mother who flew all the way to Australia. But I knew if I went back home, it would be too scary to go back and I would give up on the opportunity to study. 

Fortunately, Linda helped me take it day by day. I'm not sure how she did it. But it was the only thing I could do in a week, go to my appointment with Linda. I am not sure how she does it, but manages to help me cut through the narratives, stories and inner critic in my head, and connect with my truth. Well ok, I think I know some of the ways she does it. She is supportive and kind. She helps me question my beliefs and fears, look at where they come from, and ask what do they need. She has helped me learn to identify when I am getting triggered, or if I miss that, what to do to bring myself back down, back "into my body". I have gotten quicker at being able to do this, and recognizing at when I am going to get triggered and either preparing for it and engaging and managing and making new pathways in my mind, or consciously choosing not to engage. Basically, learning to do things with more awareness.  She has helped me to develop the skills needed (still in their developmental stages lol), to navigate negative emotions and fears, be more accepting of myself, be aware of patterns and coping mechanisms I may have developed to cope and deal with situations when I was young, but which no longer serve me. She helped me to realize that transition times are hard for me, patterns where I may be self-sabotaging, etc.

I haven't even told her half the things I talk about in my head, but I'm trusting her more and more to share them with her. She has always been there for me. From urgent skype calls, to just being there supporting me in spirit. I was in a highly vulnerable place when I met Linda, and she has supported me with love, guidance, patience and gone at a pace I can handle in facing my fears. On top of that, she reminds me of how far I have come and what progress I have made when I am being hard on myself when I make mistakes and thinking I shouldn't anymore, or that I somehow "failed" by making a mistake, or I should have known better,  rather than learning - and thinking I should have "mastered" a skill, when I am always learning. We grow by learning. Sometimes this learning takes mistakes. Thanks for teaching me this Linda. She also taught me that we never go back to being the same person, so we don't need to be fearful of that, or of happiness getting snatched away. I still have lots of work to do in this area  - but at least I am become aware of it.......I could go on and on, but will stop here. Thank you Linda, for who you are. What a gift you are to this world. Lots of love Nadia

My father died when I was 7 years old and, I can remember the message I took in as a child…… "that's over, just move on, no need to talk about it" At just 21 years of age, I served 12 months in Vietnam experiencing some unimaginable human sufferings and as an adult, I remember the message I absorbed when I returned to Australia……“that’s over, just move on, no need to talk about it…” My first marriage broke up when I was around 30 and by then I had well learnt that every traumatic change in my life came with a similar message……“that’s over, just move on, no need to talk about it…” At almost 70, I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and the ‘professionals’ recommended invasive surgery followed by radiation and maybe all will be OK – which, of course I took to mean something like……“that’s over, just move on, no need to talk about it…” A relative of mine had met Linda Conyard and she was impressed with her messages, her persona, her amazing outlook on life and the universe and suggested I make contact to just have a chat – what harm could visiting a Holistic Stress Reduction and Trauma Recovery Centre do me?

I regard myself as a fairly open person and at this stage of my life (or death), was willing to embrace any message or healing that came my way. Linda put me at ease immediately and it soon became clear that I had been living my life with trauma upon trauma and until this moment they remained unresolved and more alarmingly, unacknowledged – by me! I’ve now visited Linda a handful of times before my cancer surgery and plan to continue until I feel relieved and safe – and de-stressed enough to stop for a while. In every session, we have explored my feelings and ‘spoken’ messages of love, fear, thanks and support with my parents and grandparents and received back strong indications that broke down barriers that I had built for years and years and years. I had never really known my father but Linda helped me to make him real and to know that he was looking over every step of my operation and recovery since. I have learned to live in the present so much more, find that the world doesn’t end if some menial tasks are not done on time and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me. Linda is an exceptional person of this earth and she has guided me to see more of what truly matters. Ken  

Testimonial: As a fourth year Pscyhotherapy student and currently training in Family Constellations I have had the priviledge of experiencing Linda's presence and depth of understanding in her work, and its emphasis on trauma. My experiences with her have given me an understanding of the effects of trauma and how this is replayed throughout life in relationships and choices made. Having worked in many different capacities as a Yoga Teacher, Counsellor and Energetic Healer-­‐ and receiving my own healings and practices – I found that, in working with Linda, I have experienced the most profound shifts and integration of all of these years of work in the therapeutic field. I believe this is due to her own personal journey and challenges, which she brings to her work in the most profound way.

I felt immediately impacted by her way of directing me to a felt sense of my situation and, being able to go deeper into the work of accessing the core issues of my family system through Constellations. Linda brings to the therapy work her wisdom, knowledge, compassion and empathy, with a lifetime of learning in many different areas that enables her to access what ever is needed to support the process. Her wisdom, clarity and patience has been so much a part of liberating me from past mindsets and patterns that kept playing out, and no longer served me. She is extremely insightful, with knowledge of the foundation principles of systemic work which I am now understanding in a more complete way.

Thank you so much for your love and willingness to patiently stand along side to find the jewels. I personally feel very blessed to have worked with you and would highly recommend your work as a Therapist and Family Constellation facilitator. Very soon, I know you will also be offering Yoga to your clients and they will be blessed. Rowan

Testimonial: While struggling with ongoing issues in my life a friend suggested I contact Linda, however my negative ‘been there done that’ mentality prevented me from taking action. It was Linda’s Rainbow Atma logo which beckoned me to take the first step! Rainbows are one of my ‘signatures’ as they signify hope and the promise of new beginnings. 

Her clinic and surrounds radiate a sense of calm and coupled with her warm and engaging smile I was soon at ease. Linda has a beautiful spirit. She is gifted with gentleness, empathy and love and always listens with compassion and respect – her greatest gift! The path to wholeness is achievable with Linda walking beside me, offering encouragement when I stumble and inspiration to be courageous in becoming the person I was created to be. I’m never alone on this journey. I encourage those who are bound by past traumas and unresolved issues to seek the support of Linda. She is a beacon of light! Anne

Testimonial: There are some people that you know you will remember for the rest of your life, because they go that little bit extra, and then there are some people that go well beyond that call and walk with you to the ends of the earth, that you know you will remember forever. Linda is such a person … a true gem… able to step up and meet you in whatever is happening, with grace and validation for your situation.

For me, it has been deeply reassuring to have someone I can count on, through the dark moments and the joy, while unravelling the depth of my trauma of childhood memories. I am deeply thankful for the generous nature of Linda sharing her time and wisdom, fully understanding the need within the soul’s journey through the depth of fear, pain and more…. Truly a remarkable human being to be able to go there with me, when I needed her, whilst also teaching me how to feel safe, resourced and honour what is. Real healing occurs. You can tell Linda really gets it, really understands the process and really knows her stuff. Yes she has done all the right training as well, yet it goes beyond that… she is someone that makes you feel safe to go there, to do your work, and supports you, no matter what. A rare quality. 

There are no words that can express the depth of gratitude I have for Linda and how she has helped me through my process of trauma. This work is deep and often painful, so to have someone walk with you and meet you where you are at, help you feel so validated and heard, which is so important for the healing to occur… you know you then have a chance to get better, to heal and to move back into life, realigned and on your path again… to live in peace, to finally understand or accept what happened, and to feel love again.

No words are sufficient here… Linda is a rare woman… willing and able… capable beyond measure… down to earth, practical, comforting, nurturing and more. If you are looking for someone to work with you, you have found her… and like me, you will be forever grateful for the time you spend together. Thank you Linda, from the depth of my being, thank you. With love & heartfelt gratitude, Frances (Holistic Practitioner)

Testimonial: I had a family constellation in November and I've done them before but nothing quite like the one with Linda. I has had such a profound healing in my life, allowing me to reconnect with some family members, allowing me to be in a space to do some phenomenal healing, particularly generationally. I can't wait until the next one I do to really create more opportunity to heal. Thanks Linda. Cheryl.

Testimonial: I am so grateful that I found Linda when I did! She helped me to get out of my head, which I have always thought was the problem and feel and listen to my body. That in itself has made a life time of difference for me. Lucy 

Testimonial: Linda Conyard is a specialist therapist in trauma and is skilled in somatic knowledge. Her wisdom and support is genuine and useful. She has a myriad of strings to her bow including Masters in Gestalt therapy, Yoga and Ayurvedic knowledge. Her sessions are nurturing and create positive change. You have the genuine thing with Linda! Kirstie

Testimonial: Thank you for an amazing session. How rewarding is that for you to see people finding resolution to issues they are stuck in. I am truly amazed and very, very grateful. You have unlocked yet another door to my subconscious mind. The colours of today are so much more vibrant and clear. There is a lightness in my mind and in my heart. As I walked around my home this morning expressing my gratitude for what I have experienced here, there was a sense of appreciation and acceptance for the outcome, whatever that may be!

We will always be connected in spirit, I felt that the day I met you. Yesterday, sharing with you reaffirmed that soul connection and sisterly bond that I feel with you. I love the way you carefully pull down walls and gently expose the rawness of truth. THANK YOU for shining your light around me and always nurturing me. I feel truly blessed. Marina

Testimonial: As a 5th year student of a Batchelor degree on my final practicum with you, I was initially nervous and excited at the same time. I didn’t really know what to expect and was fearful of making mistakes. Since having you supervise me I have been able to implement what you have shown me and I have seen the results in my clients, especially from our many discussions on phenomenology. I have found that working with phenomenology has given me a deeper insight into my client’s world and so far my clients have responded well to me using this in our sessions. Another main learning is that I don’t have to work so hard in the therapist seat. I have learned new skills from observing your work.

The support I have received from you Linda is multifaceted and the cost of not working with you would have been the same, I would not have had the opportunity to become aware of how the pain and unresolved issues in me stopped me from being fully present with my clients. It would have been more difficult for me to move beyond my pain to work effectively with my clients. You have given freely of yourself, you’ve shared your time, your knowledge and your wisdom – and to me, that is priceless. I absolutely would recommend supervision with you and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from your work. You have encouraged me to step beyond my comfort zones. You are authentic and inspirational. Thanks for being you! Therese

Testimonial: I woke up this morning thinking of how I can put something into words to thank you for all the help you have given me. I suppose that I am looking for words to describe a “miracle” and that is very difficult. Linda, your gentle understanding and empathy allowed me to articulate the stresses and psychological burdens of a lifetime, where I felt ‘not good enough’ no matter how hard I tried. I never expected to gain such a sense of freedom and relief in letting go of old unhappy memories. I can now say with great happiness and joy ‘I am good enough!’ What a wonderful gift! Lenore

Testimonial: Some counsellors I have been to show off their knowledge before I finish talking but you allowed me to take my time and listened to me with minimum distraction. My mind has become much clearer with your assistance. Now I can set clear goals for the next year. Thank you so much for your guidance. Abbey.

Testimonial: Thank you for guiding me through some amazing counselling sessions. You seem to have the ability to extract hidden problems that the conscious mind is not aware of but continue to cause anguish and stress in every day life. I am feeling at peace with the decisions I have been able to make since having the sessions with you and feel able to move forward honouring myself and allowing myself to heal in a positive way. It has allowed me to build my confidence in areas that a serious illness had managed to crush. You have guided me through some dark days with your sensitivity and loving heart. I now have the courage to take ownership of my life without guilt. I will be singing your praises to everyone I know who has a situation they are not sure how to deal with. Many, many thanks and I wish you God’s blessings always. Thank you. Marina
Additional Testimonial: You are truly an amazing woman with a generous heart and a beautiful soul. I would like to thank you for taking such good care of me during my darkest days of chemotherapy, the gentleness of hands as you massaged my sad body every week for months to help me gain some kind of inner peace in my mind and my devastated body. I know that some of the techniques the Ayurvedic doctor wanted you to work with were new to you, but you persisted until it was perfected and the programme was complete. I would certainly be more than happy to recommend you to anyone who needs an Oncology or Ayurvedic massage, coulselling or guidance with their diet, lifestyle and nutrition to make positive, lasting changes in their life. Marina

Testimonial: I have always loved a good massage and when I was diagnosed with cancer over two years ago I thought my days of having a relaxing massage where over, with different professionals telling me it wasn’t a great idea. Then a couple of months ago I heard of Oncology Massage, and the wonderful Linda became a very important part of my week. So much so we saw each other twice weekly. All other appointments had to work in around my massages as I was not going to miss out.
It is hard to put into words the feeling and sense of peace that this type of massage brings. It is so gentle and soothing that I have noticed that I don’t have to take as much pain medication after my visits. Linda’s gentle presence, kind and calming ways is exactly what is needed while going through the stress and uncertainty of a life threatening diagnosis. Tom

Testimonial: I have advanced breast cancer and after a second progression was feeling extremely overwhelmed by not only physical and mental tiredness but also suffering from feelings of dissatisfaction of where I was in my life. I have used Rainbow Atma’s “Rebuild Your Health Program” and the support that has been provided has made it possible for me to feel physically healthier through Ayurveda. Emotionally, Linda has provided techniques to help me recognize the issues in my life that were dissatisfying to me and ways to deal with them. These techniques have helped me achieve a more peaceful frame of mind which has flowed through to my family and allowed me a place from which to enjoy life more fully.  If you are truly wanting to change your life through emotional healing and physical strength, I wholeheartedly recommend Rainbow Atma’s “Rebuild Your Health Program". Jenny

Testimonial: I have been studying with the lovely Linda and overtime she began educating me about Ayurveda. It sounded exotic, new and interesting. I didn't realise it but Linda was providing some gentle guidance about my health. We would be having all sorts of discussions around food, headaches, diet drinks, exercise and carrying excess weight. Linda came back from her trip to India and she looked shiny, new and had that "glow". She looked amazing! I was even more fascinated and I was certainly intrigued. I absolutely jumped at the chance to participate in her Ayurveda residential program. Linda's residential has been such a learning experience for me. Before I went to this residential I hardly utilised my kitchen as my husband did most of the cooking and shopping. Food intake to me consisted of calorie counting of food and exercise. During the residential I learnt to cook some yummy healthy meals and really explored the experience of cooking with love and nurturing my body with food. I have a new awareness of my relationship with food and how it impacts my body. I have walked away from the residential with practical tools and have become thirsty for knowledge of living a healthier lifestyle. I am in the kitchen cooking more and my pantry has been transformed with jars and jars of spices, herbs, flours, grains and lentils. I would recommend Linda's residential, she is an excellent facilitator and so very inspiring as she is genuinely interested in people's health and well-being. Love your work Linda! Kelly

Testimonial: Linda’s knowledge and experience in natural health is vast and uncompromised. Linda incorporates Ayurveda, Gestalt and everything she has studied, into her every day life and so it is natural for her to help clients incorporate better practice in their every day lives too. I appreciate Linda’s authenticity, kindness and professionalism and highly recommend her programs and workshops, which are educational, interactive and of great value to me in my life. Maryanne

Testimonial: I recently saw Linda for her expertise as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. She was very easy to talk to and her calmness immediately put me at ease. the massage treatments were wonderful and I felt the benefits for days following. Linda is very caring and listens intently to what you are saying to her. She also allows the time to spend with you and you don't feel rushed out the door for her next appointment. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Linda for any of the therapies she offers. Leanne
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