Create the Year you want to Live with your Vision Board!
Access your true desires for 2018 and make them happen
How You Can Manifest Your Best Year Ever With A Vision Board...
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About the Vision Board Workshop
Start this new year with clarity and direction!

This workshop will be a whole lot of fun and you will go deep into what you really want to manifest into your life.

When you know what you want things begin to flow in that direction. Knowing what you want requires vision and clarity.

As women, how much time do we give ourselves to sit quietly and listen within to hear what we really want. We have to be mindful of what we want because often (as a woman) our want has something to do with another's needs or wants.

Just think about this for a moment. Every time you get asked to do something for someone, you jump into their tune. Every time you hop onto social media, who's tune drags you away from yourself? Every time you check your emails, you definitely start to bop to someone elses tune.

It's time you started dancing to your own tune, wouldn't you agree?

This workshop will give you the opportunity to really find what it is that YOU want....yes YOU!

Your Vision Board is a process not just an activity.

You will have the opportunity to do one of the following Vision Boards:

1. I know exactly what I want vision board - for those who are clear already about what they want. You will dive deeper into what you want and check if your clarity is in alignment or whether it needs a tweak.

2. Opening and allowing vision board - for those who are not sure about what you want. You may have been in a period of depression, grief or stuckness and are ready to move out of this space.

3. Theme vision board - for those who would like to have laser focus on one aspect of their life or business. You may have experienced a significant incident in your life such as a divorce, an unexpected job change, a new business or a loss of some kind. You are opening a new chapter in your life.

You can vision your business for the year or the lifestyle you want to create for yourself and your family or you can do both in the one board.

You also have a choice of what you create your vision board on. Either a small canvas or a small sketch pad. I imagine most of you will be familiar with a canvas vision board. The small sketch pad is for those who love to journal or for whatever reason don't want to display your vision board. You can create a written vision board with this sketch pad.

What will be supplied:

*  Choice of a canvas or a small sketch pad;
*  Magazines;
*  Glue;
*  Some pencils.

What to bring:

*  If you want to create your vision board on anything apart from what is offered please bring it;
*  Any specific pictures you want to use;
*  Any specific pens or pencils you want to use;
*  Anything that you feel you will need to create your vision board.


My first chance to be generous in 2018 is to discount this workshop by $100, therefore I ask that you please bring along a plate of food so we can have a shared lunch.

Simple morning and afternoon teas will be provided.

If you have specific dietary requirements please bring whatever you need.

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