Not sure where to begin!
I get it! Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

That's why I offer a 30 minute free Insight session where you can come and check me out. 

By the end of this session you will know if we are a good fit. If after 30 minutes of talking with me you find there is no connection and I'm not the right person to support you through the change you want to make, no problem. We simply say goodbye then and there and I wish you well as you continue your search for that right person.

Or....if you are clear that you want to work with me fantastic, I can't wait to meet you. Simply select your preference from the options below and let's get started. I'm excited to facilitate your transformation.
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm afraid of paying a lot of money & not getting results.

I can totally understand this question because it is a decent investment I am asking for the work we do together. What I can tell you is that I see my clients reaping the rewards of our work over and over again. I hear them telling me it was worth their money and time. It is best to hear what they think in their own words. My proof of results comes from my clients and you can check out some of the testimonials they have shared with me here.
Why do I have to apply to join the intensive.

As you can imagine, I am not the right fit for everyone who wants to do this work. My intention is that every person that I take into my programme is a good fit and really ready to do the work. I want to set you up for success. I may suggest you do some training prior to working together or there may be other steps that would support you to be successful in my programmes. We will be doing some intense work so it is absolutely so important that we click.
Do you have a guarantee if I don't achieve the results I want?

This is a great question to which I can say absolutely I have a guarantee. I do guarantee my work with you as long as you put in the work. Because we both know that you are the only one who can make the changes you want in your life. You can read my guarantee here.
What does the programme cost ?

You can find all the details including cost of the programme here.
Are there any surprise costs after I have paid for the programme?

No additional costs. Everything I mention that is in the programme is covered by the cost advertised.
What do you specifically do?

The uniqueness of my programme is that it is indivualised. This means that our work gives you the opportunity to dive deeply into the core of what is stopping you from achieving what you want. The structure comes out of your own specific work. We will cover lots of common issues business owners have such as client numbers or sales, your vision, who you serve and why. We will be looking at them psycho-emotionally as well as intellectually. I use any of the modalities that I have studied to facilitate your change process depending on what is needed to activate you to move through any challenges or blockages. Best way to see if my style will work for you is to come and try it. You can book in for a 30 minute Free Insight Session here.
What are the outcomes ?

The outcomes I've noticed my clients experience are:
     - Clarity of purpose and direction in their business;
     - Opportunities they hadn't considered becoming available to them;
     - Ease and flow in their business;
     - Enjoying their business;
     - New and creative ideas for their business;
     - Increase in income;
     - More time for the things they enjoy outside of their business.
These are just some of the wonderful outcomes we have celebrated together.
What happens after I've done the programme?

Firstly we celebrate your successes. Then there is the opportunity for you to continue into my Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs Inner Circle membership programme. You will receive an invitation into this programme once you have completed the intensive.
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